Installation, Use and Maintenance - Cda KG73BL Manual

Installation, Use and Maintenance - Cda KG73BL Manual

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Installation, Use and Maintenance - Page 1 Composite Sinks Installation, Use and Maintenance


CE Declaration of Conformity: - Page 2

2 CE Declaration of Conformity: Having regard to the Council Directive 89/109/EEC of 21st December 1988 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, we declare that the materials composing the sink meet the above- mentioned directives, in particular the EU Food Contact Regulation (90/128/EEC and 89/109/EEC along with amendments 92/39/ EEC and 93/9/EEC). Taking Care of Your Sink Your CDA sink is manufactured using material developed specifically to withstand the rigours of everyday kitchen use. Howev..

3 - Page 3

3 sink, wipe off immediately with a dry cloth, wash with mild detergent and rinse with water. • Do not use abrasive liquids, powders or steel pads to clean the sink as they will damage the sink surface and make it more susceptible to staining. The sink may be cleaned with a dilute bleach solution. • Do not place very hot objects directly on the sink, place them on a special surface (board) made from wood or heat-proof plastic, etc. • If the sink comes into contact with acidic materials, rinse immediately with plenty of water and wipe with a soft dry cloth. • In hard-water areas, a ..

Installation - Page 4

4 Installation Before Installation Offer up the sink to the worktop and/or the cabinets to confirm that the external dimensions of the bowl are compatible with the cabinets themselves. Confirm that with the sink in position: • There is adequate space to install any taps or other required accessories. • There is adequate space to install the waste pipework and that any necessary modification to internal shelves to accommodate the waste (and trap) is acceptable. • Access to any water stop-cock or other services will still be adequate after the installation. Drain connection • Foll..

Installation - Page 5

5 2 4 1 3 Fig. 1 1: Seal 2: Sink 3: Worktop 4: Fitting bracket supplied (suitable for 30mm or 40mm worktop) Installation • Place the sink upside-down on the worktop where it will be mounted. • Draw the perimeter of the sink on the worktop with a pencil. • Remove the sink and draw a dotted line, 1cm inside the perimeter. • Double check the marking out and positioning before starting to cut the worktop. • Make the cutout with suitable tools along the dotted line. • After cutting out the worktop aperture, we recommend you seal the cut edges with silicone (or similar) sealant to hel..

Fig. 2 - Page 6

6 • To check the waste for leaks, close the plug/basket of the waste fitting, turn on the tap and fill the sink to the level of the overflow; turn off the tap and wait several minutes to verify that the water doesn’t drain away. • Empty the sink. If a washing machine or dishwasher is going to be installed beneath the sink top: • Before installing the washing machine or dishwasher, make sure that all of the fastening brackets for the sink top have been fastened securely. • To prevent overheating, which may result in the deformation and consequent detachment of the sink from the..

The Guarantee is Valid Providing That - Page 7

7 E & O E. All instructions, dimensions and illustrations are provided for guidance only. CDA reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. The Guarantee is Valid Providing That • The product has been installed by a suitably qualified person. • Installation has been carried out in accordance with instructions and current legislation. • Proof of purchase can be produced. • The product has been used for domestic purposes only. • The product has not been tampered with or repair attempted or modified by any unauthorised person. • All products have been inst..

Customer Care Department - Page 8 Please contact our Customer Care Department for Service on the details below Customer Care Department The Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : [email protected]

Installation, Use and Maintenance