Others - Canon PowerShot A560 Manual
When recharging the Canon AA-size NiMH batteries, use
only a specified battery charger.
The compact power adapter is designed for exclusive use
with this equipment. Do not use it with other products.
There is a risk of overheating and distortion which could result in
fire or electrical shock.
Before you discard a battery, cover the terminals with tape
or other insulators to prevent direct contact with other
Contact with the metallic components of other materials in waste
containers may lead to fire or explosions.
Do not trigger the flash in close proximity to human or
animal eyes. Exposure to the intense light produced by the
flash may damage eyesight.
In particular, remain at least one meter (39 inches) away from
infants when using the flash.
Keep objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields (such as
credit cards) away from the speaker of the camera.
Such items may lose data or stop working.