Getting to know your phone - LG P500 Manual
Getting to know your phone
To turn on the phone, press and hold Power key for 3 seconds.
To Turn off the phone, press Power key for 3 seconds and touch Power Off.
Home key
Returns to home
screen from any
Menu key
Check what options
are available.
Back key
Returns to the previous
Search key
Search the web and
contents in your
Power/Lock key
Powers your phone
on/off by pressing and
holding the key.
Turns off the screen
and locks.
Placing a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it
can damage its LCD and touch screen functionalities.
Do not cover the protective film on the LCD’s proximity sensor.
This can cause the sensor to malfunction.
Proximity Sensor
Press Menu key whenever you tap an application to check what
options are available.
LG-P500 does not support Video call.
If LG-P500 has errors when you use it or you can not turn it on,
remove battery ,install it again and turn it on after 5 seconds.

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