Your Home screen - LG P500 Manual
If there are any programs
running when you set the
pattern, they may be still
running in lock mode. It is
recommended to exit all
programs before entering
the lock mode to avoid
unnecessary charges. (e.g.,
phone call, web access and
data communications)
Setting unlock pattern:
You can
draw your own unlock pattern by
connecting four or more dots.
If you set a pattern, the phone's
screen is locked. To unlock the
phone, draw the pattern you set
on the screen.
When you set an unlock
pattern, you need to create your
Gmail account first.
If there are more than 5
pattern drawing errors in a row,
you cannot unlock the phone.
In this case, your personal
information and downloaded
data will be deleted.
Unlock screen
Whenever your LG-P500 is not
in use, it will return to the lock
screen. Draw your finger from
left to right to unlock the screen.
Silent Mode
From Notification drawer, touch
to be
Or if you don't
use unlock pattern , simply drag
to the right.
To wake up your phone, press
key. The lock screen will appear.
Touch the lock icon and drag
your finger to the right to unlock
your home screen. The last
Your Home screen

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