Getting to know the viewfinder - LG P500 Manual
Getting to know the viewfinder
– Zoom in or zoom out. Alternatively you can use the side
volume keys. Before starting record a video, you can use the
zoom function. You can not control the zoom function during
– This defines and controls of the amount of sunlight
entering the Video. Slide the brightness indicator along the bar,
towards “-” for a lower brightness Video, or towards “+” for a
higher brightness Video.
– Touch this icon to
open the settings menu. See
Using the advanced settings
Video size
– Touch to set the size (in pixels) of the video you
record. Choose your video image size from VGA (640x480), QVGA
(320x240) or QCIF (176x144).
Scene mode
– Set the camera to adjust to the environment.
Choose from
Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Sunset
Camera mode
– Slide up
this icon to switch to camera
Start recording
– This enables you to
access your saved photos &
Videos from within the video
camera mode. Simply touch,
and your gallery will appear on
the screen.
Video camera

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