LG P500 OWNERS MANUAL Manual - Page 85
Replace the battery when it
no longer provides acceptable
performance. The battery pack
maybe recharged hundreds of
times until it needs replacing.
Recharge the battery if it has
not been used for a long time
to maximise usability.
Do not expose the battery
charger to direct sunlight or
use it in high humidity, such as
in the bathroom.
Do not leave the battery
in hot or cold places, this
may deteriorate the battery
There is risk of explosion if
the battery is replaced by an
incorrect type.
Dispose of used batteries
according to the
manufacturer’s instructions.
Please recycle when possible.
Do not dispose as household
If you need to replace the
battery, take it to the nearest
authorised LG Electronics
service point or dealer for
Always unplug the charger
from the wall socket after
the phone is fully charged
to save unnecessary power
consumption of the charger.
Actual battery life will depend
on network configuration,
product settings, usage
patterns, battery and
environmental conditions.

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