Your Home screen - LG P500 Manual
Touch-screen tips
Here are some tips on how to
navigate around your phone.
Touch -
To choose a menu/
option or open an application,
touch it.
Touch and hold -
To open an
options menu or grab an object
you want to move, touch and
hold it.
Drag -
To scroll through a list or
move slowly,
drag across the
touch screen.
Flick -
To scroll through a list or
move quickly, flick across the
touch screen (drag quickly and
To select an item, touch the
centre of the icon.
Do not to press too hard;
the touch screen is sensitive
enough to pick up a light, firm
Use the tip of your finger to
touch the option you want. Be
careful not to touch any other
Proximity sensor
When receiving and making
calls, this sensor automatically
turns the backlight off and locks
the touch keypad by sensing
when the phone is near your
ear. This extends battery life and
prevents the touch keypad from
activating unintentionally during
Lock your phone
When you are not using LG-
P500, Press the power key to
lock your phone. This helps
prevent accidental presses and
saves battery power.
Also, If you do not use the phone
for a while, the home screen or
other screen you are viewing, is
replaced with the lock screen
conserve the battery.
Your Home screen