Your Home screen - LG P500 Manual
Entering text
You can also enter text using
the onscreen keyboard. The
onscreen keyboard displays
automatically on the screen
when you need to enter text. To
manually display the keyboard,
simply touch a text field where
you want to enter text.
Phone Keypad
Shift Key -
Touch once to
capitalize the next letter you
type. Double-tap for all caps.
XT9 Key -
Turn on or off XT9
Setting key
Number and Symbols Key -
Touch to change input to number
and symbol entry.
Enter Key
Remove keypad from
the screen.
Delete Key
Go forward or backword
between letters.
To switch between Qwerty
Keypad and Phone Keypad,
and choose Keypad
Google Account
The first time you open the
Google application on your
phone, you will be required to
sign in with your existing Google
account. If you do not have a
Google account, you’re prompted
to create one.
Some applications, such as
Calendar, work only with the
Google Account. If you plan
to use more than one Google
Account with your phone you
have option to use more than
one google account, When you
sign in, your contacts, Gmail
mails, Calendar events, and
other information from these
applications and services on
the web are synchronized with
Your Home screen

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