Canon Gl2 Manual

Canon Gl2 Camcorders

  • Company Name: Canon
  • Model : GL2
  • Type : Camcorders
  • Specifications : GL2 Specs
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Canon Gl2 Specifications



Main Unit Specs

Standard Definition or High DefinitionStandard Definition
Power Supply (rated)7.2 V DC
Power Consumption4.8 W (using viewfinder). 5.7 W (using LCD screen)
Television SystemEIA standard (525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal
Video Recording system2 rotary heads, helical scanning system DV system (consumer digital VCR SD system); Digital component recording
Audio Recording systemPCM digital sound: 16-bit (48 kHz/2ch); 12-bit (32 kHz/4ch)
Image Sensor3 CCD 1/4" Pixel Shift (charged coupled device) 410,000 pixels (380,000 effective pixels)
Tape FormatVideocassettes bearing the MiniDV mark
Tape SpeedSP: 3/4 ips (18.81 mm/sec); LP: 1/2 ips (12.56 mm/sec)
Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)SP: 80min; LP: 120 min
Fast Forward/Rewind Time2 min. 50 sec (with a 60 min cassette)
Lensf/1.6 -2.9, 20X POWER ZOOM, 4.2-84MM
Focusing SystemTTL autofocus, manual focusing possible
Minimum Focusing DistanceTele: 3.3 ft (1m); Wide: 0.39 in (1cm) on maximum wide angle
Minimum Illumination6 lx
Recommended Illuminationmore than 100 lx
Filter Diameter58mm
Viewfinder0.44 in., color LCD (approx. 180,000 pixels)
LCD Screen2.5 in. measured diagonally (6.4 cm), 200,000 pixels (approx.)
MicrophoneStereo electret condenser microphone
DV TerminalSpecial 4-pin connector (based on IEE 1394)
Video Terminal1 VP-p/ 75 (Y signal) ohms unbalanced
S-video Terminal1Vp-p (Y signal), 0.286 Vp-p (C signal)
Audio Terminal-10 dBV, less than 3 kohms, unbalanced
Operating Temperature range32-104° F (0-40° C)
Dimensions4 5/8 x 5 3/8 x 12 in (118 x 136 x 306 mm)
Weight (not including lens and battery pack)2lb. 7 1/2 oz. (1.25 kg)
Memory Card
Recording MediaMultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
Image FormatDesign rule for Camera File System (DCF)
Print Order formatDigital Print Order Format (DPOP)