Bestron Akm1600s 4-in-1 Kitchen Master Pro Manual

Bestron Akm1600s 4-in-1 Kitchen Master Pro Manual

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Bestron Akm1600s 4-in-1 Kitchen Master Pro Robots

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Bestron Akm1600s 4-in-1 Kitchen Master Pro Specifications


  • 8 Speeds + Pulse setting
  • Suction cup feet for stability
  • Easy to clean

    Kitchen machine:
  • Knead, stir, bat and mix in an instant
  • Planetary movement for optimal mixing (Stirring arm turns left, head turns right)
  • Capacity stainless stell mixing bowl: 5L
  • Working capacity: ca. 1kg dough - 3L batter
  • Anti-splash lid with refill opening
  • Lifting mechanism for optimal and easy use
  • Includes mixing hook, knead hook and beater

    Blender attachment:
  • For mixing and blending of soups, sauces, cocktails, shakes, smoothies, etc
  • Detachable glass blender, suitable for dishwashing machines
  • Capacity ca. 1.5L
  • Detachable lid with refill opening
  • 4 durable stainless steeel blades
  • Suitable for ice-crushing

    Meat grinder attachment:
  • Easily grind meat for minced meat, meat loaf, sausages, etc.
  • Hygienic filling platform with plastic presser
  • Durable filling funnel, steel blade and grinding spiral
  • Three grinding discs: Coarse (7mm), Medium (5mm), Fine (3mm)
  • Includes attachments for sausage

    Grater/cutter attachment:
  • Easily grate and cut vegetables, apples, nuts, cheese, chocolate, etc.
  • Includes 3 insert drums: coarse and fine rasping and fine cutting
  • Plastic filling funnel with presser