Cda Evg6bl Manual

Cda Evg6bl Chimney Extractors

  • Company Name: Cda
  • Model : EVG6BL
  • Type : Chimney Extractors
  • Specifications : EVG6BL Specs
  • User Manuals : User Manual... for Cda EVG6BL Chimney Extractors is avalable in English for Free PDF Download
  • Updated On : Monday 15th of January 2018 06:54:25 PM

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Cda Evg6bl Specifications


Optional Accessories

  • Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64

Technical Specification

  • Required height over gas hobs: 760mm (min)
  • Required height over CDA gas hobs: 450mm (min)
  • Required height over electric hobs: 650mm (min)
  • Required height over CDA electric hobs: 450mm (min)
  • Power supply: 3A
  • Mains lead length: 1m
  • Class II
  • Pressure value: 436Pa
  • Outlet diameter: 150mmmm
  • RAL reference: 9011
  • 290W

Extraction Rates And Noise

  • Extraction rate at first speed: 191m3/hr
  • Noise level at first speed: 41dBA
  • Extraction rate at second speed: 302m3/hr
  • Noise level at second speed: 48dBA
  • 422m3/hr
  • Noise level: 58dBA
  • Extraction rate at third speed: 422m3/hr
  • Noise level at third speed: 58dBA
  • Extraction rate at fourth speed: 479m3/hr
  • Noise level at fourth speed: 63dBA


  • Energy rating: D


  • Number of grease filters: 1
  • Number of charcoal filters (optional): 2
  • Ducting kit: AED61/63/64

Misc Information

  • WEEE Category: 01